Devil`s Wine

Dual gain jFET distortion

Made in St. Petersburg


€10 - Shipping (worldwide)

The Devil`s Wine guitar distortion built on jFET technology.

The unique circuit solution simulates the behavior of a vacuum tube in tube amplifiers.

The operating voltage is 33 volts, which is created by an internal step-up converter. The result of this supply voltage is excellent headroom.

Two Gain can be combined to create a variety of juicy overdrive effects, everything from warm and mellow to really strong overdriven.​

A 4-band EQ expands the possibilities of adjusting the tone.

Bass:     +- 20 db 100 Hz

Lo Mid: +-15 db 300 Hz
Hi Mid: +-15 db 750 Hz

Treble: +- 20 db 5 kHz

LPF:  Low Pass Filter for cutting "sand".

Passive true bypass.
Need external 9 VDC /
100 mA power supply  (not included).

Video by Distortion LTD