Equinox-Handmade awesome bass overdrive


jFET bass preamp/overdrive


€10 - Shipping (worldwide)

No longer produced

Equinox preamp/overdrive is built using jFET technology that emulates the sound of tube amplifiers.

The pedal has an excellent headroom and tube-like sound.

The operating voltage is 33 volts generated by the boost converter inside the pedal. External voltage is standard - 9 volts.


  • Die-cast aluminium enclosure

  • 3-Band EQ section – Featuring sweepable mid-range

  • Passive true bypass.

A decent amount of interface controls

  • Gain: Control the amount of tube-emulation  overdrive effect

  • Bass: Boosts/Cuts low-end frequency

  • Treble: Boosts/Cuts high-end frequency

  • Notch: Cuts 400 Hz frequency

  • Volume: Controls the overall dB level of the output signal

  • Mid Gain: Boosts/Cuts mid-range frequency

  • Mid Sweep: Selects frequency to be cut/boosted by the Mid control

  • Lo shift: Toggle switch to add fat to the sound.


Need external 9 VDC/150 mA power supply  (not included).

Video by Tobsen Lodderknecht

Press release:

Equinox bass preamp overdrive
Equinox bass preamp overdrive