Infinity - jFET Bass preamp / overdrive

Unique circuitry solutions that simulate the behavior of a vacuum tube in tube amplifiers will make your bass sound differently. You get a warm tube sound, saturated with even harmonics.

Using jFET technology - is a warm tube sound with soft clipping and low noise level.
Inside there is a converter that generates three supply voltages: 33 V and bipolar +/- 15 V. This has made it possible to achieve good dynamics (headroom).


• 4-band active tone control
• "NOTCH" - 400 Hz adjustable notch filter
• "LPF" - adjustable LPF
• mixing of a clean or compressed signal
• analog optical compressor delivers smooth, vintage style compression
• true transformer balanced D.I. output
• 9-volt external power supply and standard DC input

This model uses a 4-band tone control:
Bass: +- 20 db 80 Hz
Lo Mid: +-15 db 250 Hz
Hi Mid: +-15 db 750 Hz
Treble: +- 20 db 5 kHz
LPF: Low Pass Filter for cutting "sand".

Need external 9 VDC /250 mA power supply (not included).

€16 - Shipping (worldwide)
jFET Bass Preamp/Overdrive

jFET Bass Preamp/Overdrive

Video by Teramura Masatoshi