Dual channel overdrive/distortion

No longer produced

Continuing the high-voltage pedals series, we present a new pedal LABYRINTH.
The LABYRINTH pedal offers a very wide range of Overdrive and Distortion tones, whether you are playing classic rock, country, or heavy rock guitar solos, and is flexible for all genres of music.

As in all pedals, the operating voltage is 33 volts, which is created by an internal step-up converter. The result of this supply voltage is excellent headroom.
The unique circuit solution simulates the behavior of a vacuum tube in tube amplifiers.

This pedal contains two switchable channels: Overdrive and Distortion.
The EQ is passive like Marshall amplifiers, is common to both channels.
To switch channels, relays with gold-plated contacts are used, which are controlled by the momentary footswitches.


Passive true bypass through relays.

Need external 9 VDC /200 mA 
power supply  (not included).

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