Dual gain jFET bass overdrive

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The Tritonlab FET Overdrive runs on 33V and delivers a huge bunch of amazing bass tones. Two Gain can be combined to create a variety of juicy overdrive effects, everything from warm and mellow to really strong overdriven. Thanks to the enormous headroom, every setting sounds natural and keeps the character of your instrument alive.


The use of jFET transistors allowed to enrich the sound of the even harmonics. This makes it sound like a tube preamp and a good signal / noise ratio. All transistors are carefully selected by parameters.

Blend knob mixes the clean input signal with the overdriven signal. The clean signal remains at unity gain while the volume of the overdriven signal is set by the Level knob, allowing for fine control of the blend ratio.

Passive true bypass.
Passive tone stack.
Need external 9 VDC /
100 mA power supply  (not included).

Video by René Flächsenhaar


By far the best drive pedal I've ever used, after years of changing I've found a keeper.

Thanks so much, I'm over the moon with it!

Lewis Glaholm

Video by Jens Gears

Abandon Lost

A great review in the Jan/Feb 2015 edition of Bass Quarterly magazine

So I've been looking for a great bass distortion for a while now, I could never find one that would go full screamo but still kept the low end.

Then I heard about Triton Lab high voltage pedals, and saw a video for their Dual Gain jFET bass overdrive pedal. 


I've never bought a pedal online based on a video before, but it seemed pretty cool so I went for it. 


Right out of the box it sounded pretty great. I was initially confused by the dual GAIN knobs, but realized GAIN 1 is smoother drive and GAIN 2 is a gnarlier drive - you can mix in as much of each gain stage as you like. There's also VOLUME for overall output level.


The sound of the overdrive is really sort of perfect, it’s kinda the best of both worlds of fuzz and distortion, It stays very tight to the tone and doesn’t break up too crazily, which I like, but it still has this super gnarly buzzsaw sound, which is of course super cool! 


The bottom end stays perfectly intact!  I should also mention that this is "true bypass" pedal:  there's no signal or frequency loss when the pedal is switched off.


Tone controls are the usual TREBLE, MID, BASS, and they're great for subtle coloration. There's also a PRESENCE knob, which acts just like it would on any guitar head, adding more sparkle and crispiness to the overdrive sound. There's also a FAT/BRIGHT toggle next to GAIN 1 for even more variance! 


When you run everything on "11" the distortion sound starts to blow up and kind of implodes on itself, getting super squishy and compressed sounding, great for super intense sections. Love it.


The other very cool thing is that Alex, the owner of Triton Lab, provided excellent communication from the moment I placed the order, responded quickly to any questions I had, and was very interested to know what I thought of the pedal.


Overall the Dual Gain jFET is easily the most versatile bass distortion I've ever encountered, at a very reasonable price point.

Tim White

Produser/writer Imprint Music,

Bassist for Headstones band.

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