Sunburst bass preamp


Bass jFET Preamp/Overdrive

By reservation only.

Sunburst - a bass preamp / overdrive, based on the Lazy Cat pedal.

The BOOST knob allows you to dial an additional drive.

The BLEND knob is connected in BOOST mode only and sets the balance between your dry and FX signal.

Also there is a DI output, built on a especially an driver DRV-134.


Unique circuitry solutions that simulate the behavior of a vacuum tube in tube amplifiers will make your bass sound differently. You get a warm tube sound, saturated with even harmonics.


Thanks to two switchable filters Sunburst can replace a pedal preamp, and is also used as a mild overdrive.

Using jFET technology - is a warm tube sound with soft clipping and low noise level.

The external supply voltage of 9 V is converted to an operating voltage inside the pedal to 33 V. This has made it possible to achieve good dynamics (headroom).


Excellent results with active and passive bass.


The Sunburst pedal offers the following features:

  • Classical passive 3 band Marshall tone stack + PRESENCE knob

  • Die-cast aluminum cases offer unprecedented durability

  • Two toggle switches for Low and Mid shifting

  • Footswitchable BOOST mode

  • DI output

  • True bypass on/off switch

  • 9-volt external power supply and standard DC input

Need external 9 VDC /300 mA power supply  (not included).

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